My Story

I’m a story wizard and word nerd who thrives on creativity. I enjoy helping people say what they mean, and say it well, and I dabble in creating things that delight and make the world a more joyful place.

Making good stories even better

As a writer, I believe people are at the root of all good stories. My goal – both personal and professional – is to make good stories even better. I’m keenly interested in the intersection of creativity, innovation and leadership, particularly as they apply to helping people thrive in organizations and to building more humane workplaces.

Building on creativity, courage, integrity and analytical thinking, I have developed a skill set that bridges stories and software, language and experience. I bring a deep concern for the human experience and a strong background in publication design to my writing and editing. I look for the connections that can spark understanding of how people interact with each other, their environment and their software.

2020 Member of Editors Canada

Here’s my CV:

Pre-loved and lovingly hand-crafted treasures

Cat Creek Creations grew out of a love for fabric and a dismay at all the lovely, but shrunken wool sweaters to be found in thrift stores. I transform and re-purpose those cast off, misshapen sweaters into something special and unique.

A stream called Cat Creek runs through my backyard. In the spring, the carp swim in it, the kids play in it and the dogs drink from it and cool themselves off in it. Cat Creek reminds me daily of the many ways we’re all connected.